Legacy Films

Prior to the shoot day, someone from our team will work through an outline with you to ensure that we capture everything you’re looking for. Upon finalizing the outline start sorting through photos and family videos that may be useful to embed in the legacy film. This does not need to be complete prior to the shoot day but it’s always great to have a head start!

Post Production on our legacy films can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks depending on the length of the video, how much editing is needed to put together a cohesive story, and revisions. 

Yes. Your film is yours to share and distribute as you wish!

We understand that talking in front of a camera can be intimidating and challenging thing to get used to. We can stop and start as many times as the interviewee needs. We guarantee by the end it will feel like a typical conversation with a good friend.

Typically we steer away from this. Having them do individual interviews allows us to capture both of their sides of certain stories and gives us more options to choose from when editing the film together. However, if it makes sense within the story then of course parts of their interviews can be done together.

Yes! We digitize photos and videos on a per asset cost. Contact us for more information on this service.