Our Story

Founded in 2020 Lasting Legacies is a full service video production company that helps families create and utilize video content to build family cohesion and document their history. 

Through short and long format video productions we assist our clients with connecting their past to their present, providing a guide for future generations. 

We take great pride in developing longstanding relationships with our clients. 

2022 Wisconsin Family Business of the Year Awards


Founder & Lead Filmmaker

Over the last 6 years I have been working throughout various areas of the film industry. I’ve traveled the world making documentaries, filmed & edited backcountry snowmobiling films in Big Sky Country and most recently worked as a producer, cinematographer and editor for the Emmy Award winning television show Discover Wisconsin. 

In 2020 I founded Lasting Legacies with the purpose of helping families document their history for generations to come.

Since the launch of Lasting Legacies, I have worked with a wide variety of families across several states, curating content that will engage multiple generations. From short YouTube style animations to feature length documentaries covering decades of the interviewees lives, Lasting Legacies will tailor everything to your families wishes.

I would be delighted to begin a conversation with you today about your wishes.



Lasting Legacies

I was just 14-years-old when my grandmother passed away. As I’ve gotten older I now look back and wonder about all of the stories and memories that may have been lost when she passed. The ability to hear her story first-hand would have been a treasure for my family and even more special to show my kids one day. 

While I may not have been able to document her life, I’m passionate about bringing that opportunity to others.

Behind the Scenes